About the book (Title : GOD, LOVE and I)

Brief Background and Introduction of the Book


This book is an outcome of two decades of spiritual understanding and realization developed by the author through his dedicated spiritual practices. Although, this book is technically categorized as a ‘Fiction Novel’, the in-depth and digested understanding of ancient text presented in this book is  factual and unique’. In order to make it relevant to our contemporary lives, the profound and serious subject matter of ancient spiritual literature has been beautifully presented in the form of an exciting and entertaining story of a modern-day man (whose spiritual understanding develops over the years through his personal efforts and experiences). With the help of its simple, systematic, entertaining and easy-to-understand presentation, this book promises to evolve the higher understanding and consciousness of its readers. The understanding developed after reading this book will certainly bring its readers closer to True Love’ (something each one of us desperately need for our happiness). Due to his strong desire of helping others, the author has taken time out from his tight professional and personal schedule, and has painstakingly written this book for everyone’s benefit. The author therefore urges its readers to understand this book by reading it from beginning to end and further requests the readers to help others by sharing the knowledge of this book with everyone. This book is first in the series by the author and he will soon be releasing his next book in this series. First few pages of this book are free for you to read and they have been uploaded on this website for your convenience. The information regarding reading the free/exclusive pages and regarding ordering/buying the complete book is also given below on this web-page. Please continue below to read the introduction of this book.



Everyone, without exception, needs ‘True Love’. It is the very essence of life. Without it, we are lifeless. Its absence frustrates us and makes us unhappy; its presence does the opposite. Its absence is the root cause of all our problems; its presence is the only practical solution to these problems. Therefore, knowingly or unknowingly, each one of us is certainly searching for true love.

When a man falls in love with a woman, he thinks that he has found his true love. When a woman falls in love with a man, she also thinks that she has found her true love. When both of them love each other, they think that they are in fact in true love with each other.

Parents love their children. Children also love their parents. Both of them think that this is true love.

Many people love their community and relatives. They believe that this ‘love’ is true love.

There are many who love their country. They claim that this love for their country is true love.

In this way, numerous incorrect and confusing definitions of ‘True Love’ continue to float forever.

What exactly is ‘True love’ then? 

Is it even possible to define true love?

Can everyone find true love?

Welcome to the interesting world of Kartik Arora. He is a man who has spent his whole life searching for true love. He claims that his real-life story is the answer to the above important questions. Right now, he is bubbling with impatience as he just cannot wait anymore to share his life’s story with you. 

Please, patiently hear Kartik as he narrates the story of his life to you.

Good Luck! Enjoy Kartik’s story.


This book is published by Leadstart Publishing Private Limited


 International Standard Book Number (ISBN): 

9789352019946 (Paperback book)

9789352010257 (E-book)